Sunday, June 17, 2012

Flora Bowley - Bloom True Course

Wow!  So it has been a long time again!  I keep so busy these days that I forget to update you all on the comings and goings.....Let's See....Where to begin?

Well, I completed the Flora Bowley Bloom True course and loved every single minute of it!  If you all haven't taken this is a must!  She really helped me loosen up and pay attention to my inner artist's soul.  Here is one of the paintings called "Women of God"
I have no idea where these women came from...but one afternoon they showed up and I couldn't stop painting!  Here is a short blurb about this painting;
 It was such a spiritual experience and I found myself getting lost in the painting for days.  In the end, I had created something so unlike my other work that the beauty of  it brought tears to my eyes. 
My mother came to visit about a month later and as soon as she saw the painting, she was frozen.  It touched something in her that she could not explain. My mother has been through so much with me (to share would take up a whole page).  But let's just say that the past eight years have been a blessing for us both.  This painting now hangs in my mother and father's home.  She called the other day to tell me how beautiful it was and how she was blessed to have a daughter like me.  WOW! (tears again)  I can't believe that after so much that my mom is actually proud of me now.  She is such a beautiful woman....I hope one day I will become half of the woman that my mother is.

After painting the women, my heart was turned to my fantasy place to live.  As the music played in my studio, I began to get lost in the painting...and in Kauai.  I could see my little house by the stream and myself working in my little studio as the breeze blew.  My garden was filled with strange but colorful plants and flowers.  A piece overcame me and one again...I was lost.
Any of you who paint know what I mean when I say lost :)

Here is my Kauai, which is now in a new bank in town. The girl who came to pick it out, Beth, fell in love with the place too.  So each day as the tellers and staff take their break and rest in their beautiful lounge (looks like a hotel lounge! lol)  they will be whisked away to Kauai.  It was hard to let this one go.

So there you have it!  A little recap of the Flora Bowley, Bloom True experience
If you want to take one of her courses....go to:


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Website coming soon!

Hey all,
  I am in the process of creating a website.  So for now the blog will be at ""
The new website will be at ""

Thanks for your patience on is a huge undertaking and might take me a while :) You know I am NOT a left brainer! LOL

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I can't explain it in words.....

"I can't explain it in words, for God and the Universe have given me color to tell my story
 in this journey of life."

These past 4 weeks have been filled with so much joy and learning that the only way I can express them is to show you. The Flora Bowley workshop I have been taking with a few beautiful women, has changed something in my soul.  I feel as if something has cracked open in me and let go of colors and love like I could never imagine.  Even the simplest of things like talking to my husband, watching a movie with my daughter, sharing texts with my son or picking up my child from track has turned into a smorgasbord of color, texture and joy!. Here are a few photos of where my heart and soul have been......enjoy!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Colors colors colors!

I am in the process of a 5 week workshop with  Flora Bowley and having an amazing time!  I am taking the workshop with three other artists and we are exploring a world of color that can only be described as ....intuitive leaping!

It is something that I have not done in a long time.  Just being able to intuitively express myself with color and marks.  Now this is only after week two of the workshop.  Believe me these paintings will transform over the next few weeks through mediation, yoga, painting and listening to myself and the word around me.  But I wanted to give you all a brief glimpse of where we are now :)

I even had some young blooming artists stop by the gallery the other day and leave a little of themselves on the canvases.  It is so nice to see how people react to the color and marks, even though to me they are looking a little wild. LOL
Here are me, Angela, Paula and Robin with our week 2 display of colors, colors and more colors!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WOW! 3 Months have gone by....

Wow!  I can't believe it has been 3 months since my last post!  Where does the time go when you are having fun? Here are a few pics of what's been going on lately...
I have created a painted fire hydrant for this year's Dog Ball.  The ball will be held this Friday night and proceeds will go to the Huntsville Humane Society.
Go to their website and see all the hydrants that are up for auction.  There are some pretty creative artists this year!
I have been busy working 2 days a week out at Nina's Place creating some beautiful and fun furniture pieces.!/ninasplaceal?sk=wall
We also taught a class together at the Huntsville Botanical Garden's on weathered furniture finishing.
We will be teaching more of these classes in the upcoming stay tuned ;)
    The gardens have loads of classes.  Here is their site:
I have been having so much fun teaching classes at the gallery.
Here is a shot of my last class ...they did GREAT!
Took off to the beach with my good friends Angela True
Thank you Doris for letting us stay at your amazing condo!
We went for a week long workshop with artist Joan Blackburn!
Here is Joan in her favorite apron doing a demo at the workshop.
She is an amazing abstract artist.  We learned so much, that I think my brain might just explode. There were artists from all over and painting with them for the week was truely a spiritual experience.
Had to go do a little touch up on this beautiful vanity that we made a while back.  Seems that owner and screwdriver does not mix well. LOL  She is one of my favorite clients!  I love doing stuff for her, just so we can chat for a while.  Thanks for calling K.

Whew!  If that's not enough, I am now painting a huge outdoor butterfly for the Botanical Gardens. They will be positioned throughout and then auctioned off to raise money for the gardens.
I am also taking a 5 weel worshop with a few of my friends and artist, Flora Bowly
AMAZING!!!  She will be teaching us to find our inner artist.  It is a well rounded spiritual worksshop.
Of course there is still classes and work and kids and dogs and art and love and travel.....but isn't that what life is all about?  LOL
Gotta run for now...hope to be back sooner than later ;)